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New England

Sunrise Farms, founded in 1976 by Kevin Johnston


Sunrise Farms has been producing high-quality yogurts,spreads and cheeses since 1976. But the experience needed to produce premium cultured dairy products of this caliber has been accumulated over more than 40 years. Kevin Johnston has brought all of his background in research, product development and manufacturing to Sunrise Farms’ product line. Today, with his son Michael supervising the production, they continue to make the finest quality yogurt products available.

About Kevin Johnston

In the 1960’s, Kevin Johnston joined Colombo, Inc. and learned the yogurt-making business on their production line. By 1976, Kevin was their Vice President of Operations, and had seen the company grow from $500,000 in yearly sales to $20 million per year. Kevin was instrumental in bringing their first yogurt containing fruit to market for the company.

After he left Colombo, Kevin became a consultant to the cultured dairy products industry, helping companies like Mountain High in Denver, Zack’s Frozen Yogurt and Stonyfields bring quality products to the marketplace. He also operated a small cultured products laboratory that developed new products and recipes for his clients. He produced the first yogurt drink commercially available in the US in the early 1990’s. He has been a member of the American Cultured Dairy Product Association, the Milk Industry Foundation, and the Massachusetts Dairy Technology.