Yolato Frozen Yogurt Gelato Bar Review

Fro-yo girl here. I was recently lucky enough to be the recipient of Yolato frozen yogurt gelato bars. The bars are all natural, rbst free, cholesterol free, kosher and only 80 calories each. Each box contains four 61g bars. The frozen yogurt gelato bars are available in three flavors: Pomegranate, Naturalato, Blueberrato. I ate three and that’s still fewer calories than a typical cup of frozen yogurt.

* Naturalato: The bar has a soft, light texture (but maintains its shape). It’s creamy yet has that refreshing edge of a good frozen yogurt. It’s sweet but mildly tangy with a pleasant, sweet, clean aftertaste. It’s very light thanks to the gelato and melts in your mouth quickly.

* Blueberrato: It’s a pretty bar with white and purple swirls. Blueberrato combines frozen yogurt gelato and blueberry acai sorbet. The texture is soft and light like the Naturalato. It’s sweeter than the Naturalato but still has that mild tanginess. The blueberry flavor is discernable but not so strong that you can’t appreciate the yogurt flavor and the naturalato flavor.

* Pomegranate: The award-winning Pomegranato is my favorite of the three because it was the tangiest and also seemed the creamiest. It had that same light, soft, melt in your mouth texture with white and reddish pink swirls (pomegranate sorbet). The sweetness and yogurt tang linger on your palate.

Having tried a variety of frozen yogurt bars, I’ve found that some are really icy and hard, some don’t taste like yogurt, and others might be healthy are lacking in flavor. Yolato provides a wonderful tasting bar that has the tanginess and flavor of frozen yogurt with a soft, light, silky texture. It's genius to combine frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet in one bar.

Ingredients (Naturalato): Skim milk and milk, sugar, corn syrup, cultured skim milk, maltodextrin, stabilizer/emulsifier, citric acid, natural flavors, vitamin A palmitate, yogurt cultures

5 out of 5 stars

You know you love me.
X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

About Yolato

Yolato sells wholesale its proprietary frozen yogurt desserts to consumers via frozen yogurt shops, food service management companies, universities, cafes and grocery stores. Its product line consists of unparalleled novelty frozen yogurt gelato bars and a proprietary soft serve frozen yogurt and smoothie line.

For additional information, including where to find Yolato bars, visit the Yolato website.