Yolato's Frozen Yogurt Gelato Bars are coming to Texas in April 2013

Coming to the Lone Star State!

Central Market welcomes Yolato!

For five years, Yolato® has been known for its proprietary soft serve yogurt and its award winning novel frozen yogurt gelato bars throughout New York and New England.

Beginning April 8, 2013 Yolato will head west, starting in Texas at Central Market "Where Foodies celebrate every day".

"We are very excited to partner with Central Market, an industry leader, to bring Yolato to Texas. Central Market is a unique Texas retailer with locations in all 4 major cities. Central Market has a well-earned reputation for high quality, distinctive product offerings. The loyal Central Market consumers will help us grow the Yolato brand throughout the great state of Texas" stated, Marc Merryfield, President of Yolato. Central Market is a subsidiary of HEB Markets, Texas’s leading independent grocery retailer.

Central Market will feature the following flavors: Naturalato, Blueberrato and Pomegranato. The Naturalato bar is for the purest at heart. It's made with only our signature frozen yogurt gelato blend and a "hint" of tartness. Blueberrato is the newest addition to the product line. It combines our proprietary frozen yogurt gelato and blueberry acai sorbet. Pomegranato was voted "Best Pop" by Self Magazine in 2009. It is a blend of our proprietary frozen yogurt gelato and pomegranate sorbet.

All of our bars have only 80 calories and are made with rBst free dairy. All of bars contain healthy probiotics while our Pomegranato and Blueberrato bars add beneficial naturally occurring antioxidants. Each bar contains the following probiotics; Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus.

Yolato has garnered national press with several industry and media leaders (New York Times, NY Post, AM New York, On Campus Hospitality, Allure Magazine, Self Magazine (2)

We look forward to providing consumers with an even wider distribution at the retail, wholesale and cafes in 2013. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the Yolato brand, product offerings and distribution opportunities.

Visit us at http://www.yolato.com

Yolato Contact Information
Contact: Marc Merryfield, President
Email: marc@yolato.com
Phone: (917) 664-9153
Website: www.yolato.com

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Yolato sells its proprietary frozen yogurt desserts to consumers via grocery stores, supermarkets, food service management companies, universities and cafes. Its product line consists of unparalleled novelty frozen yogurt gelato bars and unique soft serve frozen yogurt.