Yode to Yolato

Thank you Kristina Tricomi!

She is currently a sophomore at SUNY-Geneseo. Go Blue Knights!

"Yode to Yolato"
O Yolato, Yolato!
Why are you so grand?
I hold your white cup
In my excited hand
I am a fan of plain
However, peach is good too
I like you with fruit toppings
But only just a few
How is it that you're tasty?
And also good for me?
Yolato, you're delicious
I can't stop at two or three
When asked if I've had enough
My answer is always 'No'
Other people just don't get
My love for Yolato
Yolato, you are there for me
When others are not around
If I ever were to drop you
I'd eat you off the ground
I am an empty soul
Without you in my life
If Southside ran out of spoons
I'd eat you with a knife

Yolato Frozen Yogurt Gelato Bars

Kosher Kof-K Dairy Certified!

Yolato's Endless Summer continues!

Yolato Coconut has arrived....

Yolato brings the tropics to your senses with its latest flavor. Full of deep layers of Coconut and fond memories of days spent at the beach. Hey, someone pass the sunblock!

Featured in On Campus Hospitality!

Just ask Bill McNamara, Director of Dining Services at Cortland University.

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