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Our New York Partner

Queensboro Farm Products has been family owned and operated since 1909.

Queensboro Farm Products is a third-generation family owned business located in Canastota, NY.  Currently employing 80 people at our locally owned and operated facility, we have been producing and selling dairy products in New York State for over 100 years.

In the early 1900’s, Sarah Miller operated a small dairy store in Harlem, NY.  In 1909, her sons, Louis and Samuel Miller, started the Harlem River Dairy.  They made their milk deliveries with a horse and wagon, using a dipper to personally fill the jugs for their customers. 

After World War I, there was a tremendous increase in the consumption of dairy products as a result of innovations in the methods of milk production, including pasteurization, and as a result the Miller brothers’ business grew.  At that time, the Millers’ business became Queensboro Farm Products and was a major wholesale producer and distributer throughout rural upstate New York and Pennsylvania, operating thirteen milk plants in the region.  One milk plant acquired by the Millers in 1931, was the Heim Milk Products facility in Canastota, NY. 


As transportation methods became faster, larger and more economical, the need for many of the milk plants was reduced.  Currently, the plant on Rasbach Street in Canastota, NY, now called Queensboro Farm Products, is the major production facility for the company.  We also have a second distribution facility located in Jamaica, NY, to serve our downstate customers.  With over 100 years in New York State and over 80 years in Canastota, we are truly a local business with hometown roots.


Today, Queensboro Farm Products uses milk from over 250 local farms to produce a wide variety of dairy products. Products are available at our own dairy store, or can be purchased for distribution.   Queensboro products are purchased by restaurants, delis, local consumers and other small businesses in upstate and downstate New York.


We remain locally owned and operated by the third generation of the Miller Family.  With a commitment to supporting local farmers and supplying local businesses with their dairy needs, we continue to provide the same personal service that Louis and Samuel Miller gave to their customers over 100 years ago.  We take great pride in being a business with local roots and a long history of product quality, safety and integrity.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve your dairy needs for another 100 years!

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